Khaab Khayaal Saraab

Friday, December 05, 2003

Sar Sa'eeN joe; Vote Bhutto Joe


"I can Flaa'ey!"

Once upon aago, when Al Sharpton made it to the run-off in the Democratic primary for Major of New York, he proclaimed:

I can flaaa'ey!

And back when I used to have a quotation in my e-mail signature, I put that quote under my name and address. I was startle at the reaction it got from some of the folks on a professional group or two I am on.

Then I think of watching the verdict on the OJ Simpson trial in the North End of Boston--in a bar where I was most probably the only non-WASP in the room...you could almost hear the jaws drop ... it took me years to be able to sort out what the point was ... then the article on Sharpton quotes him as saying on the Tiwana Brawley affair:

"How many Americans believe that O.J. Simpson is guilty?" Mr. Sharpton wrote in his 2002 book, "Al on America." "So they have a right to disagree with a jury, but I do not?"

and then ... sar Sa'een joe ...