Khaab Khayaal Saraab

Monday, May 05, 2003

correspondent: OMG, just read the story about the guy who amputated his own arm with a pocketknife
WW: but what *&%$#@ was he doing rapelling in such a place all alone?
correspondent: no idea
WW: and more importantly, sticking his hand where it don't belong?!!
WW: literally
correspondent: but how he knew what to cut and not bleed to death is amazing
correspondent: oh, the boulder moved
WW: that's the kind of thing that scares me
WW: that this country's society is coming to where we're doing weird things like that.
WW: there was a time when Americans in search of adventure volunteered for bravery and courage in faraway lands--The Spanish Civil War, even TR's Rough Riders come to mind
WW: a lot of fuel being used up by helicopters looking for some yuppie that stuck his arm where it don't belong?
WW: you think that's fair to the boys and girls that just lost their lives trying secure our oil supplies from the Gulf?
correspondent: well, I think it's also one of those "it can always be worse -- look what happened to him" things
WW: actually, i had a friend pull that one on me over the weekend
WW: said "Oh, we worry about little things and look at what *he* had to go through."
correspondent: I'll check it out after my nap -- I'm home so I'm going to takae advantage while I can -- is going to be hectic around here tonite
WW: People are dying of hunger; hospitals in Iraq don't have antibiotics; and we're supposed to draw lessons in adversity from some Yuppy that stuck--excuse the repetition--his arm where it don't belong?
WW: the other thing that come sto mind is one of the stories that The Onion did after 9/11
WW: A Shattered Nation Longs To Care About Stupid Bullshit Again
WW: http://www.theonion.com/onion3735/a_shattered_nation.html
WW: Actually, come to think of it, the good news is American might be getting back to business as usual.
WW: We might be finally getting to the point where we are lost in trivialities like we were pre-9/11
WW: which might be a good sign of our national pysche healing
WW: i think the way this story about the climber just grabbed everybody's attention is the first sign of normalcy
correspondent: nah, it's gruesome
correspondent: just the kind of thing we like
WW: exactly
WW: when we're not distracted by more important things
WW: ahem
WW: thanks for listening
WW: i feel much better now