Khaab Khayaal Saraab

Monday, March 22, 2004

Sab: bhaiya aaj kay dhaur maiN company bhee aap koe lay off karthay nahee soachthee
Sab: thoe how can you afford to think of them?

Sab: as long as you are employed you must be loyal and ethical
Sab: dhayaanathdhaar

Sab: but once you decide to move, it should be gentlemanly, courteous and businessline

Sab: the "breach" part depends on what is in the contract
Sab: and if they put a condition on it that you can leave in a certain time or that you have to give a nottice and so on
Sab: if you can't, you can't

Sab: you tell them you will need time to give notice and so on

Sab: if they can't wait, then you don't take the job
Sab: Dubai or anywhere else I mean

Sab: give time for interview, absolutley
Sab: aaj kal kee dhuniya maiN lifelong employment nahee hoe thee